Our Profile & Philosophy

An independent private bank with a history dating back to 1881, Bank ten Cate & Cie N.V. offers an unbeatable combination of a rich financial tradition and valuable expertise. The bank has survived numerous financial downturns thanks to a philosophy it has adhered to from the outset and has never abandoned: all our activities are based on a relationship of mutual trust.

Independent and transparent

Bank ten Cate & Cie is no ordinary bank: we serve a select group of clients with whom we maintain regular personal contact. Since we do not market our own investment products or funds, you can count on a fully independent approach, maximum transparency and no hidden fees and charges.

Experienced team

At Bank ten Cate & Cie, banking is ultimately about meeting the needs and achieving the objectives of our clients, which is only possible if we have the best resources available. At Bank ten Cate & Cie, we recognise our people as our most valuable asset. All the members of our team have extensive experience, respond swiftly to trends and developments and endorse the bank’s vision and philosophy.

Individual investment profile

The financial markets are linked together in complex and intricate ways, and new investment instruments are launched into the market all the time. We have more rapid access to information than ever before. Does independently managing your assets cost you too much time? Do you have trouble keeping up with the volatile stock markets? Are you afraid of making the wrong decisions? Well, you are certainly not alone. In these highly uncertain times, responsible and effective asset management is virtually a full-time job, even for seasoned professionals. At Bank ten Cate & Cie, we have the knowhow and experience to support you in this process. Our private bankers work closely with you to create an individual investment profile, a process which involves assessing your risk diversification, tax regime and allocation of the assets.

Highest returns and level of security

Our independent and transparent approach ensures that your interest and our bank’s interests are always aligned. Bank ten Cate & Cie does not maintain any in-house funds: we adapt all our services, including wealth management, to our clients’ individual needs, based on the keywords flexibility, creativity and a sense of responsibility. We do not engage in proprietary trading (that is, trading in securities for our own account), nor do we provide commercial loans or mortgages. We have a full banking licence and are regulated by the Dutch Central Bank and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), as well as being registered with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI).

Mission Statement

The duty of a banker is to safeguard what customers have entrusted to him. He is a confidant, sometimes a friend. He is the custodian of people's secrets. Our clients show their trust by confiding money to us. We invest it prudently, because it is not our money (Edmond Safra).