Asset Management

Asset Management: the expertise of professionals

Are you looking to delegate the management of your assets to a private bank because you lack either the time or the knowhow to track financial markets on a day-to-day basis? In your role, you may not be entitled to act independently, so you choose to rely on the expertise of professionals.

Asset structuring

We asset managers make investment decisions on your behalf and determine what direction your portfolio should take. Naturally, this is all done within strict parameters which are set out in the management agreement we sign with you. Your personal private banker assesses your individual situation, discusses your needs and objectives and looks for the best solution for structuring your assets. The plan also incorporates areas such as taxation and law of succession.

Personal contact

Bank ten Cate & Cie is committed to building long-term personal relationships with its clients, based on individual attention, expertise and continuity. Your private banker will discuss the investment strategy pursued with you on a regular basis, along with any changes in your personal circumstances or objectives for your assets. If we schedule an appointment with you, you are welcome to visit us at our offices, or, alternatively, we can meet with you at your home. Our private bankers live and work all over the Netherlands, which means a member of our team is always nearby.


In addition to monthly statements, you will also receive a detailed report every quarter, which contains a performance calculation, a current portfolio statement, a cash-flow statement and the transactions completed during this period. In January of each year you will receive an annual statement showing all the details you require for the tax authorities and/or your tax advisor. If you like, we can also send you a research report explaining any changes in your portfolio.

Investment style

Our investment process is structured and disciplined, with a special Investment Committee setting the guidelines for the investment policy to be pursued, which are subsequently implemented by the Asset Management department. The advantage of this approach is that you are not dependent on any one manager or advisor, but rather invest in line with our company’s style, with a team of advisers checking your portfolio.

3-level investment strategy

We employee a 3-level, top-down investment strategy. At the strategic level, we set the upper and lower limits for each category (for shares, bonds, immovable property, liquidities, and any other investment categories). At the tactical level, we determine the most favourable distribution among these categories. Finally, at the operational level we subsequently select the individual securities and funds.

Transparency of fees

Bank ten Cate & Cie charges an all-in fee for its Asset Management investment services. This all-in fee includes all charges related to the management, custody and administration of your portfolio, along with the information we provide regarding this portfolio. The all-in fee is reduced as your assets increase. The table below shows the current fee scale.

 Assets All-in fee
 Up to €500,000 1.20%
 On the excess from €500,000 to €2.000,000 1.10% 
 On the excess from €2.000,000 to €4.000,000  0.75% 
 On the excess from €4.000,000 to €7.000,000 0.60% 
 On the excess from €7.000,000 to €10.000,000  0.40% 
 On the excess from €10.000,000  0.30% 

The fees quoted are payable annually. For the ‘Bond portfolio’ or ‘Income portfolio’ risk profiles, a standard discount of 20% is applied on the all-in fees listed above.

The all-in fee is charged in arrears and calculated on the capital (including interest accrued) held in the account at the end of each quarter. Ongoing costs charged by investment funds and investment-related costs such as VAT, stamp duty and financial transaction taxes are not included in the all-in fee; Bank ten Cate & Cie is required to pay these taxes and has no control over their amount. For further information about Asset Management fees, please feel free to request a copy of our Fee Schedule.

Asset Management

Are you looking to delegate the management of your assets to a private bank because you lack either the time or the knowhow to track financial markets on a day-to-day basis?

Investment advice

Are you an active investor who regularly tracks the financial markets and are you interested in becoming actively involved in trading?

Wealth Management

If you have substantial assets, we make sure they are distributed among several asset managers - this is important both from the point of view of risk diversification and in order to keep our managers on their toes.