Investment advice

Investment advice: we advise, you decide

If you are an active investor who regularly monitors the financial markets and is interested in actively trading, investment advice is the service you are looking for. If you subscribe to these services, you will be in regular contact with our investment advisors, who will advise you on building and designing your portfolio, as well as acting as a solid financial partner. You can also contact your investment advisor at any time to discuss your personal investment ideas. You are ultimately responsible for your investment decisions.

Years of experience

Our investment advisors are driven professionals who each have many years of experience in the securities business. They are always up-to-date on the latest market trends, respond proactively and are registered with the Dutch Securities Institute (DSI). They will advise you with the greatest possible care, taking into account your personal situation and goals.

Personal contact

Bank ten Cate & Cie is committed to building long-term personal relationships with its clients, based on individual attention, expertise and continuity. Your investment advisor will regularly meet with you at our office or your home to discuss the composition of your portfolio and to identify any changes in your personal circumstances or your investment objectives.


In addition to monthly statements, you will also receive a detailed report every quarter containing a performance calculation, an up-to-date portfolio statement and the transactions completed during that period. In January of each year, we will send you an annual statement containing all the details required by the tax authorities and/or your tax advisor.


If you have signed up for investment advice, you will pay an advisory and service fee at 0.25% (ex VAT) per quarter. For the ‘Bond portfolio’ or ‘Income portfolio’ risk profiles, a standard discount of 20% is applied on the standard fee. In addition, you also pay transaction fees for buy-and-sell orders. The transaction commission is 0.2% on the amount of each transaction, subject to a minimum of €25 per transaction. Please note that options and futures are subject to different fees.

The advisory and service fee is charged on the amount of the invested capital (including interest accrued) held in the account at the end of the quarter in question; this does not include the portion of the capital invested in options and futures and any balance in the current account. The minimum advisory and service fee charged is €1,250 per quarter. Ongoing costs charged by investment funds and investment-related costs such as VAT, stamp duty and financial transaction taxes are not included in the advisory and service fee. Please note that Bank ten Cate & Cie has no control over the amount of these fees. The bank is responsible for paying any tax-related costs.

For further information about the fees charged for investment advisory services, please feel free to request a copy of our Fee Schedule.

Asset Management

Are you looking to delegate the management of your assets to a private bank because you lack either the time or the knowhow to track financial markets on a day-to-day basis?

Investment advice

Are you an active investor who regularly tracks the financial markets and are you interested in becoming actively involved in trading?

Wealth Management

If you have substantial assets, we make sure they are distributed among several asset managers - this is important both from the point of view of risk diversification and in order to keep our managers on their toes.