Wealth Management

Wealth Management: Control over all your assets

You want to keep track of and manage all your assets without investing everything with a single manager, which is where we come in.

Strategic investment advice

We will discuss the option with you of having more substantial assets spread among several asset managers. We do this in order to ensure risk diversification, as well as to keep our asset managers alert at all times. As a fully independent private bank, Bank ten Cate & Cie is better qualified than anyone to take control of your assets. We will support you in determining the appropriate asset allocation and prepare a risk analysis, and we will subsequently define the strategic investment policy.

Monitoring and information access

We will continue to track and monitor your assets throughout this process by making in-depth analyses of the portfolios you have invested with us and other providers. We focus on the performance of the portfolios and assess whether their composition meets your needs and objectives. At the same time, we provide you with an overall statement of all your assets. This will give you full details on your financial situation and changes in portfolio value. In many cases, we work closely with your tax advisor or accountant/auditor. We provide wealth management services for personal assets in excess of €5,000,000.

Initial meeting

We look forward to meeting with you to discuss the options available in wealth management and provide practical examples to explain its benefits.

If you would like to schedule an initial meeting to discuss the various alternatives, please contact the Bank ten Cate & Cie management.

Asset Management

Are you looking to delegate the management of your assets to a private bank because you lack either the time or the knowhow to track financial markets on a day-to-day basis?

Investment advice

Are you an active investor who regularly tracks the financial markets and are you interested in becoming actively involved in trading?

Wealth Management

If you have substantial assets, we make sure they are distributed among several asset managers - this is important both from the point of view of risk diversification and in order to keep our managers on their toes.